Seconfig XP
Freeware security configuration utility for Windows.
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Seconfig XP
  • A free tool to close (not just shield) most exploited Windows security holes.
  • Can close ports 135, 137-139, 445, 1025 (used by file and printer sharing, Windows domains, other Microsoft Networks access and widely exploited by worms, hackers etc.), 1900, 5000 (used by UPnP) and other...
  • Can disable most dangerous Windows services.
  • Can protect Windows side against most ARP spoofing/poisoning attacks.
  • Can configure many other hidden security related Windows TCP/IP settings.
  • Works only with registry (no files, services, drivers etc.).
  • Includes three easy to use presets for average home (standalone) computers, Microsoft Networks members and standalone computers with VPN client access to Microsoft Networks.
  • Certified to be malware free by Softpedia.
  • Works on Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003.

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2016.01.23. Website SSL3 support dropped
As from September 2015 no people have browsed this site using Internet Explorer 6, SSL v3 support is dropped (again).

2014.12.28. Website SSL3/IE6 support restored
From May 2014 this website is available only via TLS/SSL. Site allows SSL3 connections (for Internet Explorer 6 compatibility) and is vulnerable to POODLE attack, but this causes no real security issues as there are no secret data sent by browser to the site.

2011.03.12. StaleDel v1.1
Version 1.1 of StaleDel - utility for deletion of old unused files is released. This version adds an option to disable recursion of subfolders.

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