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TCPline is command line utility for sending and receiving data over TCP.

When executed this utility will:
  • connect to specified host;
  • send given data;
  • a specified period of time receive and display response from the host;
  • disconnect.
This is a very simple utility meant to provide TCP access for command line automation (batch scripts etc.).
TCPline can operate with ASCII and binary (hex) data. This utility can be used for very wide range of tasks (automated telnet sessions, sending HTTP requests etc.).

Download TCPline:
   File: TCPline.zip
   Version: 1.0
   Size: 4622
   MD5: 7f422a638503936eaa6d8004309a351a
   SHA256: f402df1c103973247234ce8a4bb7cf6b573b7c9bf8fb6cffb98ad1dc97e554dd
   PGP signature: TCPline.zip.sig
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