Seconfig XP
Freeware security configuration utility for Windows.
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Information for non-IT professionals
Seconfig XP provides:
  • many advanced options for IT professionals
  • three easy to use presets for ordinary users

These presets can be used without fully understanding technical details about options and values selected by them. The main things any Seconfig XP user must know are:
  • Microsoft Networks are required mostly by "My Network Places" for accessing shared files, folders and printers on other Windows computers and for logging on to Windows domains. Windows domains are used in most corporate Windows based networks, however almost never by ISPs (for client use).
  • Microsoft Networks are not related to accessing internet (browsing web, reading and composing e-mail, chatting etc.) in most cases even if internet is connected via local area network.
  • When using Seconfig XP in Windows domain, be sure to have local administrative access to the computer (e.g. local Administrator account is enabled and password for it is know).
  • It is a wise idea to run Seconfig XP only from local hard disk or other local medium (or to keep a local copy of it).
  • Almost always whenever Seconfig XP can be started it can restore all changed settings to their original values (which were saved on first change).
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