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StaleDel is command line utility for deletion of old unused files.

This utility is meant for usage in batch scripts (and similar automation) for deletion of old temporary files.
It can delete files and folders based on:
  • name and extension;
  • type (file or folder);
  • creation, last modification and last access timestamp ages.
By default StaleDel recurses every subdirectory, excluding junctions (reparse points) and deletes every matching file, excluding those with read-only and system attributes set. Both of these safety measures can be overridden with corresponding command line options.
StaleDel is fast and consumes very small resources. The only library it loads is kernel32.dll. It runs on any Unicode supporting version of Windows (Windows NT and up).

Download StaleDel:
   File: StaleDel.zip
   Version: 1.1
   Size: 18938
   MD5: bb9065841fd23639dedc83755143d6cc
   SHA256: 5597f18b388ee299357810b04286934f9df34523555d7f9285f167ca16c8d9e0
   PGP signature: StaleDel.zip.sig
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