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Site news
2016.01.23. Website SSL3 support dropped
As from September 2015 no people have browsed this site using Internet Explorer 6, SSL v3 support is dropped (again).

2014.12.28. Website SSL3/IE6 support restored
From May 2014 this website is available only via TLS/SSL. Site allows SSL3 connections (for Internet Explorer 6 compatibility) and is vulnerable to POODLE attack, but this causes no real security issues as there are no secret data sent by browser to the site.

2011.03.12. StaleDel v1.1
Version 1.1 of StaleDel - utility for deletion of old unused files is released. This version adds an option to disable recursion of subfolders.

2011.03.05. Links page
Links page was added. List of links recommended by author of this site will be maintained there.

2008.06.01. Seconfig XP tested with Windows XP SP3
Seconfig XP v1.1 has been tested with Windows XP Service Pack 3 and is found to be fully compatible.

2007.07.23. Site news (with Atom feed)
Site news section was added.
All relevant changes to content of this site (excluding blog) and similar events will be mentioned here.
Previous entries covers some of most important past events.

2007.02.25. BreakPE v1.0
Initial release of BreakPE - a simple yet effective stealth malware removal utility. This tool overwrites malware directly on disk (instead of trying to delete/modify it as a file).

2006.11.12. WDevSec v1.2
WDevSec - command line utility for customizing access permissions of Windows kernel objects version 1.2 was released. This version includes some minor technical improvements since previous versions.

2006.11.12. TCPline v1.0
Initial release of TCPline - a simple command line utility for sending and receiving data over TCP. This utility is meant mainly for usage in batch scripts that require network communication.

2006.10.30. DelAny v2.1
Version 2.1 of DelAny - utility for deletion of undeletable/inaccessible files was released. This version includes some minor improvements since version 2.0 (version 2.0 was almost completely rewritten from scratch).

2006.10.11. Seconfig XP v1.1
Seconfig XP version 1.1 was released. This version includes a few minor bugfixes/improvements, For VPN preset, Enable strict ARP table update and Accept responses only from queried DNS servers options, and XP-style look.

2006.05.06. Seconfig XP v1.0
Initial release of Seconfig XP - a freeware security configuration utility for Windows.
Initial version of this website was created soon afterwards.

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