Seconfig XP
Freeware security configuration utility for Windows.
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Seconfig XP has the following features/advantages:
  • Able to close ports 135, 137-139 and 445 on most systems. These ports (more exactly - Windows components running behind them) are the major entry point in Windows systems for most worms, hackers etc. Seconfig XP simply configures these Windows components not to use TCP/IP as a transport protocol (to leave those ports closed).
  • Able to switch off insecure and mostly unneeded Windows services.
  • Able to change other hidden security related Windows settings, see documentation for details.
  • Has ability to determine currently opened ports (to check how successful was process of securing Windows).
  • Runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003.
  • Suitable for IT professionals due to ability to customize advanced settings.
  • Suitable for ordinary users because these settings can be loaded/generated from 3 presets - for Microsoft Networks members, standalone computers and standalone computers accessing Microsoft Networks via VPN (or any other secure connection).
  • Small with no install (Seconfig XP comes with no installer and it doesn't install any files, drivers or services).
  • Works only with Windows registry (it ONLY configures existing Windows components).
  • Backs up settings on first change, so they can be restored to original values at any time.
  • A great way to increase network security for Windows systems without wasting resources (both financial and hardware).
  • Freeware, see license for details.
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