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Windows related utility software

Networking tools
  • Wireshark - most popular packet capture and network analyzer.
  • Fiddler Web Debugger - a free web debugging tool (acts as proxy server, configurable also as reverse proxy).
  • Fping - freeware command line ping for Windows with possibility to adjust time between pings and lots of other options.
  • ARPing - free command line ARP pinging tool (also for Windows).
  • BIND - popular DNS server and DNS debugging tool "dig" (also for Windows).
  • NSHookup - DNS debugging tool for Windows.
  • Network packet generator - freeware packet generator for Windows.
  • mturoute - MTU measurement tool for Windows.
  • XMail - free e-mail server (also for Windows).
  • Active Spam Killer - different anti-spam system.
  • OpenVPN - free VPN software that uses TCP or UDP as transport and SSL/TLS or pre-shared key for security.
  • TeamViewer - remote access, remote support and screen sharing software.
  • MikroTik - affordable Linux based router operating system and networking devices.
  • RouterBOARD - MikroTik hardware routers and wireless.

File and disk tools
  • HxD - excellent freeware hex file and disk editor for Windows.
  • HDDScan - excellent free hard disk diagnostic tool for Windows.
  • WinDirStat - free disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool.
  • Everything - very fast search tool for NTFS volumes.
  • TestDisk - partition recovery and management tool (also for Windows).
  • HDD Raw Copy Tool - low level (sector by sector) disk cloning/backup freeware for Windows.

Firefox extensions
  • HTTPS Everywhere - extension that forces well known sites that support HTTPS/SSL (but doesn't use it by default, or use it only for login) to actually use it for all requests (I suggest latest development version, because it supports much more sites).
  • Adblock Plus - extension for ad-free web browsing.
  • Tamper Data - web requests debugging extension for Firefox.
  • Certificate Patrol - extension that notifies user when SSL certificate of a previously visited HTTPS site has changed.

Miscellaneous third party software
  • IcoFX - freeware icon editor.
  • PicoPhone - simple VoIP program for IP to IP calls.
  • KeePass - free password manager for Windows.
  • ManicTime - time tracking software for Windows.
  • Client for Google Translate - tool to integrate Microsoft Translator (also Google Translate in paid version) in any Windows application.
  • Clipdiary - clipboard manager for Windows.
  • Notepad2 - freeware Scintilla based text editor for Windows.
  • WinMerge - open source differencing and merging tool for Windows.
  • Projects by Davis Mosenkovs - software for Android and other new projects by author of this site.

Online services
  • Vodafone 360 - free online service to backup and synchronize mobile phone contacts (SyncML, supports HTTPS/SSL).
  • Dropbox - free online backup, file sharing, synchronization and more (use this link to register and both of us will get 0.5 GB bonus space).
  • VirusTotal - free online virus scanner (uses many anti-virus engines).
  • ShieldsUP! - free online vulnerability testing service (port scanner and more).
  • Qualys SSL Labs - online SSL/TLS security test for HTTPS servers.
  • StartSSL - StartCom Certification Authority, offers free Class 1 SSL certificates trusted by all major browsers.

Commercial online services
  • Name.com - domain name registrar (used by author of this site).
  • Linode - reliable and affordable Linux VPS provider.
  • Private Tunnel - VPN service for secure internet access by creators of OpenVPN. Can be used to encrypt internet traffic while connected via untrusted/unsecure networks.

Non-IT related links

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